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On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from most of the orienteering events I have attended. Use filter (below) to see my maps from earlier years.

40. Oristaler-OL (2014-08-31)
Domingo 31 Agosto 2014
Sissacherflue, OLG Kakowa, Switzerland
Middle (4,6 km)|Resultados
Small competition in the terrain next to where we live in Sissach. I ran HAM so that I could compare myself with my girlfriend. Ra...
Schweizer Meisterschaft im Staffel-OL (2014-08-17)
Domingo 17 Agosto 2014
Stauffen, OLG Thun, Switzerland
Relay, posta 3|Resultados
Nice terrain, even if a bit tough for many of us ;) Did some smaller mistakes and one big (to the second last, almost missing punc...
Swiss-O-Week E6 (2014-07-26)
26 Julio 2014
Sunegga, Swiss Orienteering Week Organisation, Switzerland
Long (6,1 km)|Resultados
OK, no good last stage, but I started off safe and nicely. Some major mistakes and bad route choises spoiled this day to be my wor...
Swiss-O-Week E5 (2014-07-25)
Sábado 25 Julio 2014
Trockener Steg, Swiss Orienteering Week Organisation, Switzerland
Long (7,6 km)|Resultados
Amazing terrain. If I could I would like to stay and run orienteering in the start area of this course for the rest of my life ;) ...
Swiss-O-Week E4 (2014-07-24)
Viernes 24 Julio 2014
Grünsee, Swiss Orienteering Week Organisation, Switzerland
Middle (5,3 km)|Resultados
Middle distance. Again I had energy enough for about half the race. After initial mistakes to the first controls I managed to spee...
Swiss-O-Week E3 (2014-07-22)
Miércoles 22 Julio 2014
Gornergrat (Staffelberg), Swiss Orienteering Week Organisation, Switzerland
Long (8,1 km)|Resultados
Due to bad weather they switched the stage 5 and 3. This new stage 3 was also high up, but OK weather (cloudy). No big mistakes, s...
Swiss-O-Week E2 (2014-07-21)
Lunes:Martes 21 Julio 2014
Staffelalp, Swiss Orienteering Week Organisation, Switzerland
Long (7,4 km)|Resultados
Really nice and heavy terrain. Had energy until the 10th control, and then I took it a bit easy the rest. Good orienteering except...
Swiss-O-Week E1 (2014-07-20)
Domingo 20 Julio 2014
Zermatt Zentrum, Swiss Orienteering Week Organisation, Switzerland
Sprint (2,5 km)|Resultados
Started off this SOW with a stable 18th place. I love sprint, but I'm for sure not so fast anymore. Some small minor mistakes here...
6. Nationaler (2014-06-29)
Domingo 29 Junio 2014
6. Nationaler
Crap Sogn Gion - Curnius, OLG Chur, Switzerland
Long (9,2 km)|Resultados
Did not start (DNS), due to pain in my leg since yesterday.
5. Nationaler OL (2014-06-28)
28 Junio 2014
Foppa - Runca, OLG Chur, Switzerland
Middle (4,5 km)|Resultados
Very good start, but due (mailnly) to a paralell-mistake to control number 10 (new path since SOW last time?) I lost the flow tota...
4. Nationaler OL (2014-06-01)
Domingo 1 Junio 2014
Bois de la Chaîtes/Longchaumois, O'Jura / CO CERN, France
Long (9,2 km)|Resultados
A bit tiered and actually also damaged after yesterday's race, so I lowered my ambitions for this one even before the start. Long ...
Schweizer Meisterschaft im Mitteldistanz-OL (2014-05-31)
31 Mayo 2014
Bois de la Chaîtes, O'Jura / CO CERN, France
Middle (4,7 km)|Resultados
Swiss championship in middle distance and a fantastic race by Monsieur Tiselius! Much thanks to some technical trainings on Thursd...
Régionale (2014-05-29)
Viernes 29 Mayo 2014
Les Marais, Jura Sports Orientation, France
Middle (4,1 km)
Training competition with Gaga. Ran with my new GoPro (first on my head, but then in my hand instead. We took every second control...
Schweizer Meisterschaft im Sprint-OL (2014-04-27)
Domingo 27 Abril 2014
Stadt Winterthur, OLC Winterthur, Switzerland
Sprint (2,8 km)|Resultados
I came on a solid 20th place and with that I'm very pleased. Surprisingly difficult in this city, and nice with all the technicall...
Sprint Cup NWS 1.Lauf (2014-04-09)
Jueves 9 Abril 2014
Lausen, OLV Baselland (Christoph Meier & c:o), Switzerland
Sprint (3,0 km)|Resultados
5'th place after some faster guys. Very nice and varied (technically challenging) O-sprint. I liked it a lot and nice to have this...
3. Nationaler OL (2014-04-06)
Domingo 6 Abril 2014
Stetten, OLG Schaffhausen, Switzerland
Middle (4,8 km)|Resultados
Nice cute course in a small forest full of spring. Lost a lot of time to number 10 where I should have taken the road longer. Got ...
2. Nationaler OL (Simone Niggli Challenge/55. Hindelbanker OL) (2014-03-30)
Domingo 30 Marzo 2014
Grauholz-Schönbühl/Wannental, OLV Hindelbank, Switzerland
Middle (4,8 km)|Resultados
Actually I am very pleased with my race, not at least as I managed to take nice route choices, but I lose a lot of time running li...
Schweizer Meisterschaft im Nacht-OL (2014-03-29)
29 Marzo 2014
Grauholz-Schönbühl/Wannental, OLG Bern, Switzerland
Night (8,1 km)|Resultados
I'm good in night orienteering, but sorry, this time my shape was really bad and I had no chance to perform well in the result lis...
60. Badener OL (2014-03-22)
22 Marzo 2014
Tüüfelschäller-Baregg, OLG Cordoba, Switzerland
Even though I have some back problem I just wanted to do some orienteering. This map was used for the World Cup final last year so...
35. Langenthaler-OL (2014-03-16)
Domingo 16 Marzo 2014
Stadt Langenthal, OLV Langenthal, Switzerland
Sprint (2,7 km)|Resultados
First race of the year. I have had some multiple (and overlapping) health issues the last months, so my stamina is really bad. Any...