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Welcome to Karl Tiselius digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from most of the orienteering events I have attended. Use filter (below) to see my maps from earlier years.

10-mila läger Söndag dag (22.11.2009)
Sonntag 22 November 2009
Åby SOK's klubbstuga, OK Kålmården, Sweden
Last training for this trainingcamp. Nice terrain. Tough. Fast speed.
10-mila läger Lördag natt (21.11.2009)
Samstag 21 November 2009
Rävhålet, Finspångs SOK, Sweden
Night (7,8 km)
Good and relevant training for 10-mila 2010!
10-mila läger Lördag dag (21.11.2009)
Samstag 21 November 2009
Nyhem, Finspångs SOK, Sweden
Middle (6,7 km)
Zoo Sprint (08.11.2009)
Sonntag 8 November 2009
Borås Djurpark, IK Ymer, Sweden
Sprint (2,3 km)
Home by the monkeys where I belong. Came 2'nd after Håkan Öhlund.
Downhill Sprint (07.11.2009)
Samstag 7 November 2009
Borås Arena, Hestra IF, Sweden
Sprint (2,5 km)
Nice concept, boring terrain.
25-mannakorten (11.10.2009)
Sonntag 11 Oktober 2009
Jordbro, OK Haninge/OK Ravinen, Sweden
Middle (5,0 km)
Lovely terrain. Not fast enough.
25-manna 2009 (10.10.2009)
Samstag 10 Oktober 2009
Jordbro, OK Haninge/OK Ravinen, Sweden
Middle (6,6 km), Strecke 5
25-manna! Love it!
Älvsborgs lösen (04.10.2009)
Sonntag 4 Oktober 2009
Nya varvet, Frölunda OL, Sweden
Middle (5,0 km)
Really nice terrain just a bit southwest of the center of Gothenburg! Rain made the hills slippery but my Icebug shoes made it saf...
25-manna träning 2 (starting all together) (30.09.2009)
Mittwoch 30 September 2009
Svarte mosse, GMOK, Sweden
Middle (6,8 km)
Nice training!!
25-manna träning (24.09.2009)
Donnerstag 24 September 2009
Getryggen, GMOK, Swe
Middle (6,7 km)
Had 57 min. Erik Sagvolden had 46. Not OK.
Vägvals-intervaller (23.09.2009)
Mittwoch 23 September 2009
Skatås, GMOK, Sweden
Good training again.
SM Stafett (Relay) (13.09.2009)
Sonntag 13 September 2009
Årena, Målilla OK/Hultsfreds OK, Sweden
Long (10,8 km), Strecke 3
Relay is really fun. GMOK did good races. Lina Strand qualified for the World Cup in Zürich! Looking forward to 25-manna now!
SM Medel Final (Publiktävling) (12.09.2009)
Samstag 12 September 2009
Flinshult (Oskarshamn), SOK Viljan, Sweden
Middle (6,2 km)
Really good race, but misspunched. 8 min behind Peter Öberg.
SM Medel Qualification (11.09.2009)
Freitag 11 September 2009
Flinshult (Oskarshamn), SOK Viljan, Sweden
Solid race. Not fast enough.
Stafett-DM (06.09.2009)
Sonntag 6 September 2009
Rigortorpet, IF Rigor/IFK Göteborg, Sweden
Long (7,5 km), Strecke 2
Nice day with the GMOK-club! However...IFK Göteborg won.
Natt-DM (04.09.2009)
Freitag 4 September 2009
Ålbäcken, OK Mark/IK Uven, Sweden
Night (9,1 km)
2'nd after former Swedish night champion Erik Engstrand. Happy!
Medel-DM (29.08.2009)
Samstag 29 August 2009
Guddehjälm, Kungälvs OK, Sweden
Middle (4,5 km)
No high level of energy today unfortunately.
Medel-KM (27.08.2009)
Donnerstag 27 August 2009
Änggårdsbergen (södra), GMOK, Sweden
Middle (4,5 km)
Started well, but damn it is tough to run in this terrain. Andreas J Johansson impressed with his 39 min.
Swiss O-Week E6 (08.08.2009)
Samstag 8 August 2009
Gibel, Switzerland
Shit. Epic fail race again. Forgot to take control description = miss-punched. Damn.
Swiss O-Week E5 (07.08.2009)
Freitag 7 August 2009
Gibel, Switzerland
Middle (2,8 km)
Really green and difficult, but I mastered it well!
Swiss O-Week E4 (06.08.2009)
Donnerstag 6 August 2009
Seenalp, Switzerland
Long (8,0 km)
"The breathtaking day"! Shit. Epic fail to first control. Never found the flow. Walked in the end.
Swiss O-Week E4 (cancelled due to destroyed road) (06.08.2009)
Donnerstag 6 August 2009
Sadly, no running on this map this time.
Swiss O-Week E3 (04.08.2009)
Dienstag 4 August 2009
Glattalp, Switzerland
Middle (6,3 km)
Wonderful competition. 700 hight-meters to climb to the competition area!! 2000 meters altitude. Cold, but not too foggy. Missed t...
Swiss O-Week E2 (03.08.2009)
Montag 3 August 2009
Schwialppass, Switzerland
Middle (5,3 km)
Jan Rydell Schmid! What a retard. He finished this course in 43 min!! I realized later that he is a Nordic combined champ. That ex...
Swiss O-Week E1 (02.08.2009)
Sonntag 2 August 2009
Schwys, Switzerland
Sprint (2,5 km)
First stage. Came 3'd after a larger mistake after passing the competition area.
SM Sprint Qualification (27.07.2009)
Montag 27 Juli 2009
Nordkoster, Idrefjordens SK m.fl., Sweden
Sprint (3,2 km)
Nice area on an island. Missed the final with 29 sek.
O-ringen E4 (23.07.2009)
Donnerstag 23 Juli 2009
Ränneslätt, Eksjö SOK m.fl., Sweden
Middle (5,5 km)
After beeing sick for 5 days until now I wanted to walk a course. I could not stop myself so I 5 min after Johan Ivars...
Tjust 2-dagars (Dag 2) (08.07.2009)
Mittwoch 8 Juli 2009
Anvedebo, Ankarsrum OK, Sweden
Long (9,4 km)
Another tough longdistance, but nice training!
Tjust 2-dagars (Dag 1) (07.07.2009)
Dienstag 7 Juli 2009
Anvedebo, Ankarsrum OK, Sweden
Long (10,1 km)
Unfortunately no GPS-track, but I am happy with my result. Mattias "Vagnis" Karlsson owned today.
Tjoget 2009 (04.07.2009)
Samstag 4 Juli 2009
Kosta flygfält (söderut), Lessebo OK, Sweden
Middle (7,3 km), Strecke 4
Natt-träning (Inför Jukola) (11.06.2009)
Donnerstag 11 Juni 2009
Sisjön, GMOK, Sweden
Night (5,7 km)
Difficult, but really good training.
Sommarlandssprinten 2009 (08.06.2009)
Montag 8 Juni 2009
Skara Sommarland, IK Gandvik, Sweden
Sprint (2,7 km)
Xtravaganza-class (see left map). Fun, difficult and fast. Combined this with my 25-year birthdayparty.
Sprint-KM (03.06.2009)
Mittwoch 3 Juni 2009
Renströmsparken, GMOK, Sweden
Sprint (2,7 km)
Not a perfect race at all. Must improve.
OL-intervaller (Tisdagsträning - Clubtraining) (02.06.2009)
Orienteering training in hard (but easy according to my mentor, Anders Axenborg) terrain.
Siljanskaveln (24.05.2009)
Sonntag 24 Mai 2009
Vika, IFK Mora OK, Sweden
Long (9,1 km), Strecke 3
Fantastic race. Still pain in my back though.
MYC Medel (23.05.2009)
Samstag 23 Mai 2009
Vika, IFK Mora OK, Sweden
Middle (6,0 km)
David Andersson had 28 min on this course. Insane!! I have a lot more to learn.
MYC Lång (21.05.2009)
Donnerstag 21 Mai 2009
Evertsberg, IFK Mora OK, Sweden
Long (13,1 km)
Nice competition in the beginning, but got a bit boring after some time. Some pain in my back too. 14'th control was positioned wr...
Ultralång-DM (för Dalarna) (17.05.2009)
Sonntag 17 Mai 2009
Gyllbergen Svartå, Stora Tuna OK, Sweden
Ultralong (16,3 km)
Hardcore orienteering. I like! Was the only one running left to the first control. I was first there and catched by the other (Wil...
Säterträffen 2009 (Sprint) (16.05.2009)
Samstag 16 Mai 2009
Karlsgårdarna (Djupdalarna), Säterbygdens OL, Sweden
Sprint (3,3 km)
Fast sprint, but I did not push myself to hard, but did misstakes anyway. It was hunting-start based on the middle-race before lun...
Säterträffen 2009 (16.05.2009)
Samstag 16 Mai 2009
Djupdalarna, Säterbygdens OL, Sweden
Middle (4,4 km)
Middle distance before lunch (generated the starting list for the afternoons sprint!). Very tough race. A lot of aggressive hills,...
Brunbilds-OL (original map) (14.05.2009)
Donnerstag 14 Mai 2009
Finnbo, OK Kåre, Roger Larsson, Sweden
Compare with my training map: Difficult yes! Good training...yes!...
Brunbilds-OL (14.05.2009)
Donnerstag 14 Mai 2009
Finnbo, OK Kåre, Roger Larsson, Sweden
Long (7,5 km)
Really nice training. More of this please!
Elitserien (H21E2) - Medel (10.05.2009)
Sonntag 10 Mai 2009
Skorvberget, OK Hammaren, Sweden
Middle (5,5 km)
Solid race. Not fast enough.
Elitserien (H21E2) (09.05.2009)
Samstag 9 Mai 2009
Råhällan-Norrtjärn, Gävle OK, Sweden
Long (14,3 km)
Lovely with a real challange today in Gästrike-terrain. The wet areas was very wet and the long legs was very long. Satisfied, bu...
Veteran-OL Falun (05.05.2009)
Dienstag 5 Mai 2009
Ingarvet/Stångtjärn, OK Kåre, Sweden
Middle (4,4 km)
Used 44 minutes on this traditional route. Good flow and damn I liked it here! A lot of old ladies and gentlemens in the forrest s...
Dalaportens OL - Lång (03.05.2009)
Sonntag 3 Mai 2009
Fornby Klint, Dalaportens OL, Sweden
Long (12,5 km)
Wonderful longdistance. Okay speed and especially on the long leg home.
Dalaportens OL - Medel (02.05.2009)
Samstag 2 Mai 2009
Fornby Klint, Dalaportens OL, Sweden
Middle (5,9 km)
Back in beautiful Horndal. Ran here last year too. Then I missed the first control with a lot of minutes. Now I focused better fro...
Silverjakten (01.05.2009)
Freitag 1 Mai 2009
Skeppsberget, Sala OK, Sweden
Long (11 km)
Fast and easy terrain.
Finspång Lång (25.04.2009)
Samstag 25 April 2009
Fäskogen, Finspångs SOK, Sweden
Long (12,7 km)
Elitserien- and Silva Junior Cup-competitions, but as I slipped down in the ranking lists I only qualified for participating in th...
10-mila 2009 (19.04.2009)
Sonntag 19 April 2009
Äktaboden, 10-mila organization, Sweden
Night (5,4 km), Strecke 5
Solid race by me. Small misstake by the 9'th control due to speed up.
Elitserien (1) C-Final (13.04.2009)
Montag 13 April 2009
Norra Rörum, Ringsjö OK, Sweden
Middle (7,3 km)
Better force and flow today. Much more fun!
Elitserien (1) Qualification (12.04.2009)
Sonntag 12 April 2009
Norra Rörum, Ringsjö OK, Sweden
Middle (7,2 km)
Solid race. Not fast enough for A-final.
OL-intervaller (07.04.2009)
Dienstag 7 April 2009
Skatås, GMOK, Sweden
Nice and good training. Good speed in both me and Anders Hedberg (whom I ran against). Good/qualitative training in the club now! ...
FOL-skubbet (04.04.2009)
Samstag 4 April 2009
Labacka, Frölunda OL, Sweden
Middle (5,4 km)
Took a open course today here, even though I felt so tired from yesterdays night (O). I am not satisfied with my mental state, but...
Hjortnatta (03.04.2009)
Freitag 3 April 2009
Hjortgården, OK Skogshjortarna, Sweden
Night (10 km)
Shit. Felt tierd and out of my mind. Ctrl+Alt+Del(?)...
1'st of April-Training with Philipp Sauter (01.04.2009)
Mittwoch 1 April 2009
Hällesåker-Stora Djursjön, Sweden
Long (9,5 km)
Nice guy, nice run, nice Forrest. No kidding: We saw a Moose!
Spring Cup Relay (29.03.2009)
Sonntag 29 März 2009
Hegn Vest, Spring Cup 2009, Denmark
Long (7,7 km), Strecke 3
Full speed ahead.
Spring Cup Night-Relay (27.03.2009)
Freitag 27 März 2009
Valby Hegn, Spring Cup 2009, Denmark
Night (4,7 km), Strecke 3
Very fun Night-Relay! Some mistakes, but pretty fast.
Stöff Memorial OL (15.03.2009)
Sonntag 15 März 2009
Lommiserwald, Wil, OL Regio Wil, Switzerland
Middle (6,1 km)
Regional competition in Wil, Switzerland. Combined this competition with my surprise-visit (Rachel in Zürich) on our 1-year anniv...
XI Trofeo Costa Blanca (14.02.2009)
Samstag 14 Februar 2009
Valle del Sol, CO Sant Joan, Spain
Middle (5,4 km)
World-Ranking-event! Cool. But I did not run perfect.... If I would have done that I would have beaten Daniel Hubmann ;). It was ...
3ª Prueba Liga Regional 2009 (08.02.2009)
Sonntag 8 Februar 2009
Fuente el Alamo, Yecla, Carrera Regional, Spain
Long (8,8 km)
First competition this year. Felt like I weighted 100 kg, but I was like a cow on first green field of the year and could run the ...