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Welcome to Karl Tiselius digital orienteering map archive!

On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from most of the orienteering events I have attended. Use filter (below) to see my maps from earlier years.

10-mila läger Söndag dag (2009-11-22)
pühapäev 22 november 2009
Åby SOK's klubbstuga, OK Kålmården, Sweden
Last training for this trainingcamp. Nice terrain. Tough. Fast speed.
10-mila läger Lördag natt (2009-11-21)
laupäev 21 november 2009
Rävhålet, Finspångs SOK, Sweden
Night (7,8 km)
Good and relevant training for 10-mila 2010!
10-mila läger Lördag dag (2009-11-21)
laupäev 21 november 2009
Nyhem, Finspångs SOK, Sweden
Middle (6,7 km)
Zoo Sprint (2009-11-08)
pühapäev 8 november 2009
Borås Djurpark, IK Ymer, Sweden
Sprint (2,3 km)
Home by the monkeys where I belong. Came 2'nd after Håkan Öhlund.
Downhill Sprint (2009-11-07)
laupäev 7 november 2009
Borås Arena, Hestra IF, Sweden
Sprint (2,5 km)
Nice concept, boring terrain.
25-mannakorten (2009-10-11)
pühapäev 11 oktoober 2009
Jordbro, OK Haninge/OK Ravinen, Sweden
Middle (5,0 km)
Lovely terrain. Not fast enough.
25-manna 2009 (2009-10-10)
laupäev 10 oktoober 2009
Jordbro, OK Haninge/OK Ravinen, Sweden
Middle (6,6 km), vahetus 5
25-manna! Love it!
Älvsborgs lösen (2009-10-04)
pühapäev 4 oktoober 2009
Nya varvet, Frölunda OL, Sweden
Middle (5,0 km)
Really nice terrain just a bit southwest of the center of Gothenburg! Rain made the hills slippery but my Icebug shoes made it saf...
25-manna träning 2 (starting all together) (2009-09-30)
kolmapäev 30 september 2009
Svarte mosse, GMOK, Sweden
Middle (6,8 km)
Nice training!!
25-manna träning (2009-09-24)
neljapäev 24 september 2009
Getryggen, GMOK, Swe
Middle (6,7 km)
Had 57 min. Erik Sagvolden had 46. Not OK.
Vägvals-intervaller (2009-09-23)
kolmapäev 23 september 2009
Skatås, GMOK, Sweden
Good training again.
SM Stafett (Relay) (2009-09-13)
pühapäev 13 september 2009
Årena, Målilla OK/Hultsfreds OK, Sweden
Long (10,8 km), vahetus 3
Relay is really fun. GMOK did good races. Lina Strand qualified for the World Cup in Zürich! Looking forward to 25-manna now!
SM Medel Final (Publiktävling) (2009-09-12)
laupäev 12 september 2009
Flinshult (Oskarshamn), SOK Viljan, Sweden
Middle (6,2 km)
Really good race, but misspunched. 8 min behind Peter Öberg.
SM Medel Qualification (2009-09-11)
reede 11 september 2009
Flinshult (Oskarshamn), SOK Viljan, Sweden
Solid race. Not fast enough.
Stafett-DM (2009-09-06)
pühapäev 6 september 2009
Rigortorpet, IF Rigor/IFK Göteborg, Sweden
Long (7,5 km), vahetus 2
Nice day with the GMOK-club! However...IFK Göteborg won.
Natt-DM (2009-09-04)
reede 4 september 2009
Ålbäcken, OK Mark/IK Uven, Sweden
Night (9,1 km)
2'nd after former Swedish night champion Erik Engstrand. Happy!
Medel-DM (2009-08-29)
laupäev 29 august 2009
Guddehjälm, Kungälvs OK, Sweden
Middle (4,5 km)
No high level of energy today unfortunately.
Medel-KM (2009-08-27)
neljapäev 27 august 2009
Änggårdsbergen (södra), GMOK, Sweden
Middle (4,5 km)
Started well, but damn it is tough to run in this terrain. Andreas J Johansson impressed with his 39 min.
Swiss O-Week E6 (2009-08-08)
laupäev 8 august 2009
Gibel, Switzerland
Shit. Epic fail race again. Forgot to take control description = miss-punched. Damn.
Swiss O-Week E5 (2009-08-07)
reede 7 august 2009
Gibel, Switzerland
Middle (2,8 km)
Really green and difficult, but I mastered it well!
Swiss O-Week E4 (2009-08-06)
neljapäev 6 august 2009
Seenalp, Switzerland
Long (8,0 km)
"The breathtaking day"! Shit. Epic fail to first control. Never found the flow. Walked in the end.
Swiss O-Week E4 (cancelled due to destroyed road) (2009-08-06)
neljapäev 6 august 2009
Sadly, no running on this map this time.
Swiss O-Week E3 (2009-08-04)
teisipäev 4 august 2009
Glattalp, Switzerland
Middle (6,3 km)
Wonderful competition. 700 hight-meters to climb to the competition area!! 2000 meters altitude. Cold, but not too foggy. Missed t...
Swiss O-Week E2 (2009-08-03)
esmaspäev 3 august 2009
Schwialppass, Switzerland
Middle (5,3 km)
Jan Rydell Schmid! What a retard. He finished this course in 43 min!! I realized later that he is a Nordic combined champ. That ex...
Swiss O-Week E1 (2009-08-02)
pühapäev 2 august 2009
Schwys, Switzerland
Sprint (2,5 km)
First stage. Came 3'd after a larger mistake after passing the competition area.
SM Sprint Qualification (2009-07-27)
esmaspäev 27 juuli 2009
Nordkoster, Idrefjordens SK m.fl., Sweden
Sprint (3,2 km)
Nice area on an island. Missed the final with 29 sek.
O-ringen E4 (2009-07-23)
neljapäev 23 juuli 2009
Ränneslätt, Eksjö SOK m.fl., Sweden
Middle (5,5 km)
After beeing sick for 5 days until now I wanted to walk a course. I could not stop myself so I 5 min after Johan Ivars...
Tjust 2-dagars (Dag 2) (2009-07-08)
kolmapäev 8 juuli 2009
Anvedebo, Ankarsrum OK, Sweden
Long (9,4 km)
Another tough longdistance, but nice training!
Tjust 2-dagars (Dag 1) (2009-07-07)
teisipäev 7 juuli 2009
Anvedebo, Ankarsrum OK, Sweden
Long (10,1 km)
Unfortunately no GPS-track, but I am happy with my result. Mattias "Vagnis" Karlsson owned today.
Tjoget 2009 (2009-07-04)
laupäev 4 juuli 2009
Kosta flygfält (söderut), Lessebo OK, Sweden
Middle (7,3 km), vahetus 4
Natt-träning (Inför Jukola) (2009-06-11)
neljapäev 11 juuni 2009
Sisjön, GMOK, Sweden
Night (5,7 km)
Difficult, but really good training.
Sommarlandssprinten 2009 (2009-06-08)
esmaspäev 8 juuni 2009
Skara Sommarland, IK Gandvik, Sweden
Sprint (2,7 km)
Xtravaganza-class (see left map). Fun, difficult and fast. Combined this with my 25-year birthdayparty.
Sprint-KM (2009-06-03)
kolmapäev 3 juuni 2009
Renströmsparken, GMOK, Sweden
Sprint (2,7 km)
Not a perfect race at all. Must improve.
OL-intervaller (Tisdagsträning - Clubtraining) (2009-06-02)
Orienteering training in hard (but easy according to my mentor, Anders Axenborg) terrain.
Siljanskaveln (2009-05-24)
pühapäev 24 mai 2009
Vika, IFK Mora OK, Sweden
Long (9,1 km), vahetus 3
Fantastic race. Still pain in my back though.
MYC Medel (2009-05-23)
laupäev 23 mai 2009
Vika, IFK Mora OK, Sweden
Middle (6,0 km)
David Andersson had 28 min on this course. Insane!! I have a lot more to learn.
MYC Lång (2009-05-21)
neljapäev 21 mai 2009
Evertsberg, IFK Mora OK, Sweden
Long (13,1 km)
Nice competition in the beginning, but got a bit boring after some time. Some pain in my back too. 14'th control was positioned wr...
Ultralång-DM (för Dalarna) (2009-05-17)
pühapäev 17 mai 2009
Gyllbergen Svartå, Stora Tuna OK, Sweden
Ultralong (16,3 km)
Hardcore orienteering. I like! Was the only one running left to the first control. I was first there and catched by the other (Wil...
Säterträffen 2009 (Sprint) (2009-05-16)
laupäev 16 mai 2009
Karlsgårdarna (Djupdalarna), Säterbygdens OL, Sweden
Sprint (3,3 km)
Fast sprint, but I did not push myself to hard, but did misstakes anyway. It was hunting-start based on the middle-race before lun...
Säterträffen 2009 (2009-05-16)
laupäev 16 mai 2009
Djupdalarna, Säterbygdens OL, Sweden
Middle (4,4 km)
Middle distance before lunch (generated the starting list for the afternoons sprint!). Very tough race. A lot of aggressive hills,...
Brunbilds-OL (original map) (2009-05-14)
neljapäev 14 mai 2009
Finnbo, OK Kåre, Roger Larsson, Sweden
Compare with my training map: Difficult yes! Good training...yes!...
Brunbilds-OL (2009-05-14)
neljapäev 14 mai 2009
Finnbo, OK Kåre, Roger Larsson, Sweden
Long (7,5 km)
Really nice training. More of this please!
Elitserien (H21E2) - Medel (2009-05-10)
pühapäev 10 mai 2009
Skorvberget, OK Hammaren, Sweden
Middle (5,5 km)
Solid race. Not fast enough.
Elitserien (H21E2) (2009-05-09)
laupäev 9 mai 2009
Råhällan-Norrtjärn, Gävle OK, Sweden
Long (14,3 km)
Lovely with a real challange today in Gästrike-terrain. The wet areas was very wet and the long legs was very long. Satisfied, bu...
Veteran-OL Falun (2009-05-05)
teisipäev 5 mai 2009
Ingarvet/Stångtjärn, OK Kåre, Sweden
Middle (4,4 km)
Used 44 minutes on this traditional route. Good flow and damn I liked it here! A lot of old ladies and gentlemens in the forrest s...
Dalaportens OL - Lång (2009-05-03)
pühapäev 3 mai 2009
Fornby Klint, Dalaportens OL, Sweden
Long (12,5 km)
Wonderful longdistance. Okay speed and especially on the long leg home.
Dalaportens OL - Medel (2009-05-02)
laupäev 2 mai 2009
Fornby Klint, Dalaportens OL, Sweden
Middle (5,9 km)
Back in beautiful Horndal. Ran here last year too. Then I missed the first control with a lot of minutes. Now I focused better fro...
Silverjakten (2009-05-01)
reede 1 mai 2009
Skeppsberget, Sala OK, Sweden
Long (11 km)
Fast and easy terrain.
Finspång Lång (2009-04-25)
laupäev 25 aprill 2009
Fäskogen, Finspångs SOK, Sweden
Long (12,7 km)
Elitserien- and Silva Junior Cup-competitions, but as I slipped down in the ranking lists I only qualified for participating in th...
10-mila 2009 (2009-04-19)
pühapäev 19 aprill 2009
Äktaboden, 10-mila organization, Sweden
Night (5,4 km), vahetus 5
Solid race by me. Small misstake by the 9'th control due to speed up.
Elitserien (1) C-Final (2009-04-13)
esmaspäev 13 aprill 2009
Norra Rörum, Ringsjö OK, Sweden
Middle (7,3 km)
Better force and flow today. Much more fun!
Elitserien (1) Qualification (2009-04-12)
pühapäev 12 aprill 2009
Norra Rörum, Ringsjö OK, Sweden
Middle (7,2 km)
Solid race. Not fast enough for A-final.
OL-intervaller (2009-04-07)
teisipäev 7 aprill 2009
Skatås, GMOK, Sweden
Nice and good training. Good speed in both me and Anders Hedberg (whom I ran against). Good/qualitative training in the club now! ...
FOL-skubbet (2009-04-04)
laupäev 4 aprill 2009
Labacka, Frölunda OL, Sweden
Middle (5,4 km)
Took a open course today here, even though I felt so tired from yesterdays night (O). I am not satisfied with my mental state, but...
Hjortnatta (2009-04-03)
reede 3 aprill 2009
Hjortgården, OK Skogshjortarna, Sweden
Night (10 km)
Shit. Felt tierd and out of my mind. Ctrl+Alt+Del(?)...
1'st of April-Training with Philipp Sauter (2009-04-01)
kolmapäev 1 aprill 2009
Hällesåker-Stora Djursjön, Sweden
Long (9,5 km)
Nice guy, nice run, nice Forrest. No kidding: We saw a Moose!
Spring Cup Relay (2009-03-29)
pühapäev 29 märts 2009
Hegn Vest, Spring Cup 2009, Denmark
Long (7,7 km), vahetus 3
Full speed ahead.
Spring Cup Night-Relay (2009-03-27)
reede 27 märts 2009
Valby Hegn, Spring Cup 2009, Denmark
Night (4,7 km), vahetus 3
Very fun Night-Relay! Some mistakes, but pretty fast.
Stöff Memorial OL (2009-03-15)
pühapäev 15 märts 2009
Lommiserwald, Wil, OL Regio Wil, Switzerland
Middle (6,1 km)
Regional competition in Wil, Switzerland. Combined this competition with my surprise-visit (Rachel in Zürich) on our 1-year anniv...
XI Trofeo Costa Blanca (2009-02-14)
laupäev 14 veebruar 2009
Valle del Sol, CO Sant Joan, Spain
Middle (5,4 km)
World-Ranking-event! Cool. But I did not run perfect.... If I would have done that I would have beaten Daniel Hubmann ;). It was ...
3ª Prueba Liga Regional 2009 (2009-02-08)
pühapäev 8 veebruar 2009
Fuente el Alamo, Yecla, Carrera Regional, Spain
Long (8,8 km)
First competition this year. Felt like I weighted 100 kg, but I was like a cow on first green field of the year and could run the ...