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On this site I will publish maps, courses and route choices from most of the orienteering events I have attended. Use filter (below) to see my maps from earlier years.

10. Nationaler OL / 66. Zurzacher OL (06.10.2013)
Søndag 6 Oktober 2013
Baldegg, OLG Cordoba, Switzerland
(Shortened) Long (8,5 km)|Resultat
Wow, 6th place and not even fit at all. Started really slow and easy but paced up a bit in the end. Did some bad route choices, bu...
9. Nationaler OL / 59. Badener OL (05.10.2013)
Lørdag 5 Oktober 2013
Eigi, OLG Cordoba, Switzerland
Middle (5,0 km)|Resultat
Not so much training before this race, so I just took it nice and easy and did it really well.
Schweizer Meisterschaft im Langdistanz-OL (08.09.2013)
Søndag 8 September 2013
Le Cernil/Les Verrières, ANCO, Switzerland
Long (10 km)|Resultat
This terrain is just fantastic. Tough and tricky - not to the extreme, but it is important to stay focused all the way and try to ...
8. Nationaler OL (Sprint) (07.09.2013)
Lørdag 7 September 2013
Colombier/Planeyse, ANCO, Switzerland
Sprint (2,9 km)|Resultat
Nice sprint in Colombier. Really needed speedy legs to win, so I was some time behind today (29 sec behind the youngster Dominik H...
Schweizer Meisterschaft im Sprint-OL (25.08.2013)
Søndag 25 August 2013
Ville de Delémont, OLG Basel, Switzerland
Sprint (2,4 km)|Resultat
Time to pace up and run perfectly...well, I tried and only did some smaller mistakes today, but all-in-all I did not have the powe...
7. Nationaler (24.08.2013)
Lørdag 24 August 2013
Les Lavoirs, OLG Basel, Switzerland
Middle (4,4 km)|Resultat
Middle distance in lower Jura terrain. Not so nice (terrain), and I did a stupid big mistake to no 7, making my mental mood even w...
6. Nationaler OL (18.08.2013)
Søndag 18 August 2013
Melchsee-Frutt, OLG Nidwalden+Obwalden, Switzerland
Long (7,7 km)|Resultat
Once again I had the chance to enjoy beautiful orienteering up in high-alpine landscape. This time I had my mum and dad with me to...
Stage 5 (O-Ringen) (26.07.2013)
Fredag 26 Juli 2013
Åberget, O-Ringen 2013 (Boden), Sweden
Long (10,2 km)|Resultat
(Note: Arrow indicate map-change) Chasing start, and as I started (almost) last I hade some guys to pick up. Managed to pick up a ...
Stage 4 (O-Ringen) (25.07.2013)
Torsdag 25 Juli 2013
Storklinten, O-Ringen 2013 (Boden), Sweden
Middle (4,9 km)|Resultat
Really fast middle distance, but I didn't feel (or was) fast enough. Lost close to 2 min on the short 15'th leg also when I did a ...
Stage 3 (O-Ringen) (24.07.2013)
Onsdag 24 Juli 2013
Storklinten, O-Ringen 2013 (Boden), Sweden
Long (11,6 km)|Resultat
Really fun and good start as I managed to catch up the guy starting one minute ahead of me, but I did not manage to follow up to t...
Stage 2 (O-Ringen) (22.07.2013)
Mandag 22 Juli 2013
Rödberget, O-Ringen 2013 (Boden), Sweden
Long (12,7 km)|Resultat
This second stage was tougher than the first one as we had to climb the hill some times from all direction (both on the first lap ...
Stage 1 (O-Ringen) (21.07.2013)
Søndag 21 Juli 2013
Rödberget, O-Ringen 2013 (Boden), Sweden
Long (12,1 km)|Resultat
Time for O-Ringen. Didn't feel that strong on my way to start, but I tried to fuel up with adrenaline before start (like back in t...
Model Event/Training before O-Ringen (19.07.2013)
Fredag 19 Juli 2013
Gruvberget, O-Ringen 2013, Sweden
Middle (4,5 km)
Ran some controls with Rachel to learn a bit about the forest and drawing. Heavy running over the stony and tricky ground. Okay or...
Training Saariselkä (17.07.2013)
Onsdag 17 Juli 2013
Vesa Taanila (got the map from him...Thanks!), Finland
Middle (5,2 km)
Did a technical training in 2 tricky areas. The first one (middle part of the map) went fine, but the second one (up north) starte...
Training Ivalo (16.07.2013)
Tirsdag 16 Juli 2013
Koppelo (Inari lake), Vesa Taanila (got the map from him...Thanks!), Finland
Long (9 km)
This map is very far north in Finland. It is also a bit old, but I thought it would be fun to do some orienteering up here during ...
KOW Stage 4 (13.07.2013)
Lørdag 13 Juli 2013
Vuokatti Vuokatinrinteet, Kainuu Orienteering Week, Finland
Long (8,7 km)|Resultat
Chasing start and I started chasing well in the beginning, but to the 3'd control I got hit by weekness (got tired) and to the 6't...
KOW Stage 3 (11.07.2013)
Torsdag 11 Juli 2013
Vuokatti Porttivaara, Kainuu Orienteering Week, Finland
Long (10,5 km)|Resultat
Damn this was to tough for me... Tried to do a good race, but I got tired already to the 3'd control... Lost a lot of time on the ...
KOW Stage 2 (10.07.2013)
Onsdag 10 Juli 2013
Tipasoja Padanpohjat, Kainuu Orienteering Week, Finland
Long (8,7 km)|Resultat
Fantastic fast terrain (same as the WOC Long), but damn warm and I had heavy legs. Did a real beginners error when I ran into the ...
Katinkulta Open Sprint (WOC Qual) (08.07.2013)
Mandag 8 Juli 2013
Katinkulta (Vuokatti), Kainuu Orienteering Week, Finland
Sprint (3,7 km)|Resultat
Ran the WOC qualification race afterwards. Fun! Solid race, but some stupid (longer) route choices. Rachel and I lived in the Gol...
KOW Stage 1 (Kainuu Orienteering Week/Kainuun Rastiviikko) 2013 (07.07.2013)
Søndag 7 Juli 2013
Tipasoja Räätäkangas, Kainuu Orienteering Week, Finland
Long (11,1 km)|Resultat
Great race except a stupid "passing by in full speed"mistake. Lost 2 minutes there, but I'm still happy. Good start of the KOW in ...
SOM - Schweizer Meisterschaft im Staffel OL (30.06.2013)
Søndag 30 Juni 2013
Stierenberg, OLG Rymenzug, Switzerland
Long (8,1 km), etappe 3|Resultat
Time for a relay! Long time since last time, and I felt okay fit and prepared mentally for my task. Ran with Luca Zingg and Christ...
Own training (22.06.2013)
Lørdag 22 Juni 2013
Sissacherfluh-Limperg, Roman und Sandro Brogli feat. Karl Tiselius, Switzerland
Middle (6,3 km)
Realized it was like 1 month ago since I last ran in the woods so in a bit of panic (running Elite-class in Vuokatti and Long at O...
OL-Training (Basel) (28.05.2013)
Tirsdag 28 Mai 2013
Olsberg/Rheinfelden, OLG Basel, Switzerland
Ran these 3 intervals together with Anders Holmberg. Some small mistakes as you can see, but what slowed us down the most was the ...
39. Galgener OL (20.05.2013)
Mandag 20 Mai 2013
Hoch Ybrig, OLG Galgenen, Switzerland
Long (8,0 km)|Resultat
Nice and tricky terrain I heard people saying before start...and yes, that was correct. Adding downhill and slippery makes it even...
Training 5 - Wipptal/Tirol trainingcamp (12.05.2013)
Søndag 12 Mai 2013
Haiming, OL Amriswil, Austria
Middle (3,8 km)
Followed up two younger boys in OL Amriswil. One of them ran like this. To summarize it was a great trainingcamp with good oriente...
Training 4 - Wipptal/Tirol trainingcamp (11.05.2013)
Lørdag 11 Mai 2013
Obernberger See, OL Amriswil, Austria
Middle (5,2 km)|Resultat
This training we all did the Euromeeting course (except one extra control somewhere in each of the two butterfly loops) from Augus...
Training 3 - Wipptal/Tirol trainingcamp (10.05.2013)
Fredag 10 Mai 2013
Serles Süd, OL Amriswil, Austria
Note: Course in reversed direction (wrong on this map). I started this training with 4 fast orienteering intervals with "Rädl", "...
Training 2 - Wipptal/Tirol trainingcamp (09.05.2013)
Torsdag 9 Mai 2013
Serles Süd, OL Amriswil, Austria
Setting out some controls in this alp slope...pretty tiered, so I took it slow. Managed to set out the first control wrong, but lu...
Training 1 - Wipptal/Tirol trainingcamp (09.05.2013)
Torsdag 9 Mai 2013
Untermieming Sassberg, OL Amriswil, Austria
Middle (5,6 km)
Trainingcamp with OL Amriswil in Wipptal, Tirol, Austria. Beautiful day and stable first training from me.
Multiteknik OL-Training (01.05.2013)
Onsdag 1 Mai 2013
Bad Schauenburg, OL Nachwuchskader Nordwestschweiz, Switzerland
Middle (5,6 km)
Just what I needed! Some mistakes, but I really learned from it. Was a long time since I ded any O-training as good as this. Very ...
Sprint-Cup 2 (24.04.2013)
Onsdag 24 April 2013
Sissach, OLV Baselland Jugend, Switzerland
Sprint (3,3 km)|Resultat
Sprint in Sissach. 23 degrees sunny. Love it! First time I even saw this map over my home-village (I wanted to be fair and not run...
2. Nationaler OL/59. Weinfelder OL (14.04.2013)
Søndag 14 April 2013
Weinfelden, thurgorienta, Switzerland
Sprint (2,3 km)|Resultat
First summer day - with over 20 degrees, and o man what a nice Sprint. Starting underground, demanding full focus from the startin...
1. Nationaler OL/58. Weinfelder OL (13.04.2013)
Lørdag 13 April 2013
Ottenberg, thurgorienta, Switzerland
Middle (5,4 km)|Resultat
Comeback after my back injury. Thanks to a massage treatment on Thursday I was now able to run again (finally!). Nice terrain(!) a...
Day 2 (3 jours de Pâques en Alsace) (31.03.2013)
Søndag 31 Mars 2013
Saint-Hippolyte "Rocher du Sanglier", Club d'Orientation de Colmar, France
Long (11,1 km)|Resultat
A long and tricky course. I tried to be consequent in running around, but at (not at least) the long leg I went a bit to far aroun...
Day 1 (3 jours de Pâques en Alsace) (30.03.2013)
Lørdag 30 Mars 2013
Thannenkirch "La cave de Rodern", Club d'Orientation de Colmar, France
Long (8,4 km)|Resultat
The first stage of this 3-days started well, but somehow I lost the flow and was unable to keep focus. Why? I don't know. I will t...
Prologue (3 jours de Pâques en Alsace) (29.03.2013)
Fredag 29 Mars 2013
Zellenberg «Le Lauenbach», Club d'Orientation de Colmar, France
Middle (6,3 km)|Resultat
A map only consisting of vineyards around Zellenberg - a quaint village in the nice area of Alsace (France). Warming up with a pro...
NOM (Swiss night orienteering championship 2013) (23.03.2013)
Lørdag 23 Mars 2013
Adlisberg, OLG Zürich, Switzerland
Night (10,9 km)|Resultat
Lovely feeling: Night orienteering! Running "only" HAL (instead of HE) made me aim high(er) in the result list and in order to suc...
19. Baselbieter Nacht-OL  (15.03.2013)
Fredag 15 Mars 2013
Liestaler Sichtern, OLG Kakowa, Switzerland
Night (4,2 km)|Resultat
Came back from a Tesin-trip just some minutes before Rachel wanted to go for a run here at this training-competition, so I joined....
Säuliämtler OL (09.03.2013)
Lørdag 9 Mars 2013
Feldenmas, OLG Säuliamt, Switzerland
Long (9,6 km)|Resultat
First competition. Stable (but a bit slow) pace through out the race, but I'm satisfied overall. Very easy orienteering, but I man...