36. Oberthurgauer OL (21/10/2012)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Bätershausen West
Organiser: OL Amriswil
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Long (8,6 km)
Distance: 10.1 km
Time: 57:25
Back to the roots (of Rachel). Ran this competition as we where "home" in Amriswil over the weekend. Small forest and maybe not the most beautiful, but good training. Tried to simplify, but had difficulties to keep up the speed on the roads. The drawing-the-course-by-yourself"-part is included in the running time and I really sucked there. Probably lost >1 min on the fastest. At least I did not draw the course wrong, like some else did. Good course by the course-setter. Maintained high speed in the end thanks to partner-running with Corsin.
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36. Oberthurgauer OL (21/10/2012) 36. Oberthurgauer OL (21/10/2012)