Sydsvenska 2-mila (Southswedish 20 km) (04/11/2012)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Sonhult
Organiser: Hylte OK
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Ultralong (19,9 km)
Distance: 24.68 km
Time: 149:37
Average HR: 162
Maximum HR: 174
Very long, cold and good training in Sweden. This race was 19,9 km, everyone started together and I managed to run a solid race on my own. A lot of people in the terrain (do to loops), but I managed to take all the controls in the right order and then speed up in the last part home (gained 3 places from 18 to finish). Now I do understand that I need to drop some kilos and run much more to get back in shape...if I want to do a comeback in orienteering. And yes, that is what I want.
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Sydsvenska 2-mila (Southswedish 20 km) (04/11/2012) Sydsvenska 2-mila (Southswedish 20 km) (04/11/2012)