Bern by Night 1 (16/11/2012)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Uettlingenwald
Organiser: Franziska Grossenbacher & Gaudenz Steinlin
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Night (8,5 km)
Distance: 11.07 km
Time: 73:27
Average HR: 170
Maximum HR: 179
Nice to put the headlamp on and compete! Was a long time since last time and I was happy to stand on the start line, but the last days of sickness really slowed me down today. Paced up in the beginning, but did not run perfectly. In the middle of the track (control 7-8-9-10-11-12-13-14) I ran with Lilian Forsgren and Mari Fasting. They run fast!! However, we all did mistakes and I managed to find the flow again to no 16 and speed up. Had a really good race after that and almost caught up Anders Holmerg (71) on the last butterfly as he ran like a cow in there. I had (72). Happy-ending! ;) However, many minutes behind Matthias Kyburtz (56) and also Simone Niggli (67). Next time I will run better! Good course, and okay terrain!
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Bern by Night 1 (16/11/2012) Bern by Night 1 (16/11/2012)