19. Baselbieter Nacht-OL (15/03/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Liestaler Sichtern
Organiser: OLG Kakowa
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Night (4,2 km)
Came back from a Tesin-trip just some minutes before Rachel wanted to go for a run here at this training-competition, so I joined. Nice to run night again, but I was a bit slow started. Lost time on both control 6 and 7, but then I focused more and speeded up a bit more. Manage to win the "middle" course with some seconds up to Sebi on the 2'nd spot. Rachel ran in as 4'th! Looking forward even more to the spring/summer of orienteering to come.
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19. Baselbieter Nacht-OL  (15/03/2013) 19. Baselbieter Nacht-OL  (15/03/2013)