NOM (Swiss night orienteering championship 2013) (23/03/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Adlisberg
Organiser: OLG Zürich
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Night (10,9 km)
Distance: 13.01 km
Time: 75:19
Average HR: 168
Maximum HR: 180
Lovely feeling: Night orienteering! Running "only" HAL (instead of HE) made me aim high(er) in the result list and in order to succeed I needed to find my one and only "nightfox-mode". I ran very well from the start and the only mistakes was two micro route choice errors on the way to control 9 (lost approx. 20 sec) and to control 18 (lost 20 sec by going right and not more left there too). What you can't see is also a standing totally still for 30 sec action taken directly after the 10'th control. I just had a hard time figuring out what route choice to take. For sure, it was a bit hilly and I'm not fit enough for pushing hard uphill. Flat and downhill is no problem. I can't say I love this terrain but the course setter really manage to do a really nice course out of it. I ended up second this race, 32 seconds behind the youngster Sven Rüegg. I know I have a long way to go before I'm back in the O-speed of the good old times. But I'm heading in that direction, thanks to fantastic training opportunities here in Switzerland. Let's hope for the best! Lovely to be back in the forest and thanks to the organizers for a nice competition in the dark!
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NOM (Swiss night orienteering championship 2013) (23/03/2013) NOM (Swiss night orienteering championship 2013) (23/03/2013)