Prologue (3 jours de Pâques en Alsace) (29/03/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Zellenberg «Le Lauenbach»
Organiser: Club d'Orientation de Colmar
Country: France
Discipline: Middle (6,3 km)
Distance: 8.43 km
Time: 38:27
Average HR: 155
Maximum HR: 176
A map only consisting of vineyards around Zellenberg - a quaint village in the nice area of Alsace (France). Warming up with a prologue ("Model-event" like) in the fields of the big vineyards. A bit tricky sometime (need to follow the direction of the rows!) and I manage to screw it up a bit already to the first control by thinking the starting point was down by the H/D10's first control. Yeeeii. Took it a bit more "easy" the rest of the course, but managed to find a flow and enjoyed this type of orienteering. Anders Holmberg won today (31 min), 1 min ahead of François Gonon. My room mate in the hotel, Mattias Millinger, was 4 min behind and I was roughly 7 min behind. Tomorrow the 3-day competitions starts for real. It will be hard - but fun! (...and good training)
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Prologue (3 jours de Pâques en Alsace) (29/03/2013) Prologue (3 jours de Pâques en Alsace) (29/03/2013)