Day 2 (3 jours de Pâques en Alsace) (31/03/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Saint-Hippolyte "Rocher du Sanglier"
Organiser: Club d'Orientation de Colmar
Country: France
Discipline: Long (11,1 km)
Distance: 14.81 km
Time: 89:18
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 171
A long and tricky course. I tried to be consequent in running around, but at (not at least) the long leg I went a bit to far around and lost some easy minutes. Better off would be the left-left route choice. Only mistakes to control 6 and 16, but today I was very tired. Anders Holmberg won again (65 min), with a nice big margin down to Kaspar Hägler (72 min) on second place. My roommate, Mattias Millinger, also ran good today and he had 75 min! I had 89 min.
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Day 2 (3 jours de Pâques en Alsace) (31/03/2013) Day 2 (3 jours de Pâques en Alsace) (31/03/2013)