Sprint-Cup 2 (24/04/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Sissach
Organiser: OLV Baselland Jugend
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Sprint (3,3 km)
Distance: 4.75 km
Time: 20:46
Average HR: 171
Maximum HR: 181
Sprint in Sissach. 23 degrees sunny. Love it! First time I even saw this map over my home-village (I wanted to be fair and not run on this map before this "official" sprint race. The sprint-speed is long gone after all the problems recently, but I think I can come back pretty fast now as I start to feel better mentally too (I can promise you all it is a bit hard to move and totally change country/living, but the concentration was high today. A bigger mistake by the control number 16, but otherwise it was a clean and solid race (20:47). Lost a minute or two on the fastest once, but only 3 1/2 minutes on Anders Holmberg (17:17) as he tested the race some weeks before.
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Sprint-Cup 2 (24/04/2013) Sprint-Cup 2 (24/04/2013)