Own training (22/06/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Sissacherfluh-Limperg
Organiser: Roman und Sandro Brogli feat. Karl Tiselius
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Middle (6,3 km)
Distance: 10.61 km
Time: 84:47
Average HR: 140
Maximum HR: 155
Realized it was like 1 month ago since I last ran in the woods so in a bit of panic (running Elite-class in Vuokatti and Long at O-ringen) I did a course for me to run. Performed pretty well, but I know I got some more trainings to do before I'm back in a good/satisfying mental and physical shape. However, I did a hard training before lunch so this was the second hard training today, so I was a bit tierd in the last hills (therefor taking the long way around to number 12 ;) Looking forward to nicer and faster terrain in Scandinavia.
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Own training (22/06/2013) Own training (22/06/2013)