KOW Stage 4 (13/07/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Vuokatti Vuokatinrinteet
Organiser: Kainuu Orienteering Week
Country: Finland
Discipline: Long (8,7 km)
Distance: 11.37 km
Time: 87:18
Average HR: 151
Maximum HR: 180
Chasing start and I started chasing well in the beginning, but to the 3'd control I got hit by weekness (got tired) and to the 6'th control I really screwed it up. Following up that shit route and mistake with a long mistake to the 12'th didn't make it better..but I managed to "only" loose 2 places and came 51'st. (http://online.woc2013.fi/tulokset/en/2013_krv/h21e/yhteisajat/). Congrats to the winner (and my friend) David Andersson!
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KOW Stage 4 (13/07/2013) KOW Stage 4 (13/07/2013)