Training Saariselkä (17/07/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Organiser: Vesa Taanila (got the map from him...Thanks!)
Country: Finland
Discipline: Middle (5,2 km)
Distance: 4.7 km
Time: 34:29
Did a technical training in 2 tricky areas. The first one (middle part of the map) went fine, but the second one (up north) started of really bad. I couldn't find the god damn depression. (found out later that the (fix) control was in the depression 15 meters northwest. A bit shaky I tried to get back on course to the second control up there, but missed this one too. Hell, I love this. I'm not used to do such big errors and not being able to find where I am on the map. Finally to the third control I got it better and then I ran really good. "Puuuh" :)
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Training Saariselkä (17/07/2013) Training Saariselkä (17/07/2013)