Stage 2 (O-Ringen) (22/07/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Rödberget
Organiser: O-Ringen 2013 (Boden)
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Long (12,7 km)
Distance: 14.48 km
Time: 102:58
This second stage was tougher than the first one as we had to climb the hill some times from all direction (both on the first lap and on the second after the map change. I'm not that good uphill (but I'm working on it). Solid orienteering, but unfortunately the speed fell down a bit from time to time. Managed to come top 50 on the stage :)
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Stage 2 (O-Ringen) (22/07/2013) Stage 2 (O-Ringen) (22/07/2013)