Stage 3 (O-Ringen) (24/07/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Storklinten
Organiser: O-Ringen 2013 (Boden)
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Long (11,6 km)
Distance: 14.46 km
Time: 105:55
Really fun and good start as I managed to catch up the guy starting one minute ahead of me, but I did not manage to follow up to the 4'th control. Ran safely and concentrated, but (I really hate these "but's") to the 8'th control my foot started to hurt (abrasion/skavsår) wish sadly forced me to run to the sanitary point on my way to the 10'th control (ohh I really would love to run straight over the hill otherwise...;)). Took 5 min break to get my foot repaired there and then ran softly the rest of the course. However I managed to miss-punch on the 13'th control, following a elite-guy (I found it fun to speed up a bit, but forgot to check the control code). Well, it didn't matter that much. I had a bad time and trend in my feeling for the performance in my O-Ringen anyway.
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Stage 3 (O-Ringen) (24/07/2013) Stage 3 (O-Ringen) (24/07/2013)