Stage 4 (O-Ringen) (25/07/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Storklinten
Organiser: O-Ringen 2013 (Boden)
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Middle (4,9 km)
Really fast middle distance, but I didn't feel (or was) fast enough. Lost close to 2 min on the short 15'th leg also when I did a parallel mistake and thought I came down from the small hill straight above the control, but I didn't. It's a bit sad, but my stamina only last for 3-4 controls. Hopefully I will feel that all this trainings now make me stronger and not at least faster for a longer time. I had 36 min and Johan Eriksson won on a time a bit under 30...
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Stage 4 (O-Ringen) (25/07/2013) Stage 4 (O-Ringen) (25/07/2013)