Stage 5 (O-Ringen) (26/07/2013)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Åberget
Organiser: O-Ringen 2013 (Boden)
Country: Sweden
Discipline: Long (10,2 km)
Distance: 12.6 km
Time: 84:50
(Note: Arrow indicate map-change) Chasing start, and as I started (almost) last I hade some guys to pick up. Managed to pick up a few, but as I had some slow periods during this race I did not have a good time on the stage itself. However. I really enjoyed running today and the best thing was to sprint away from a (fast) IFK Göteborg guy just before the finish line. That was my O-Ringen this year. Next year I will run Swiss O-week and that will be so nice up in the Alps (Zermatt/Matterhorn)! I will start train now for that so I will be fit enough. This O-Ringen really learned me that it's not possible to perform well without specific training (O-training)
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Stage 5 (O-Ringen) (26/07/2013) Stage 5 (O-Ringen) (26/07/2013)