Swiss-O-Week E4 (24/07/2014)
Category: Competition & Training
Map/area: Grünsee
Organiser: Swiss Orienteering Week Organisation
Country: Switzerland
Discipline: Middle (5,3 km)
Distance: 6.48 km
Time: 64:10
Average HR: 154
Maximum HR: 189
Middle distance. Again I had energy enough for about half the race. After initial mistakes to the first controls I managed to speed up for a while. My route choice to 13 is the fastest, but still I loose 1,34 to the best time from Jari Sillman on that leg. Damn he is fast (or am I so slow/bad now a days ;))
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Swiss-O-Week E4 (24/07/2014) Swiss-O-Week E4 (24/07/2014)